Making Tracks to Connect with a New Target.

The Hayabusa has been called the ultimate sports bike. The prime target for this smooth demon of speed? Urban riders: iconoclasts who make their own trail, follow their own beat—and don’t follow traditional media. So a very untraditional path was required to extend brand awareness and create a new pack of loyalists. As agency of record for SuzukiCycles.com, Questus was primed to take on the challenge.

These riders are keen on carving out their own identity. Questus gave them an opportunity with BusaBeats, a campaign that played across social, mobile, and web. We started by recruiting top hip hop producers to create custom beats. Then, we developed an online recording studio at BusaBeats.com where the target could lay down their own custom-made, Hayabusa-based lyrics over the producers’ tracks. The prize for the best track in the MC battle was wicked sweet: a customized Hayabusa.

Thousands stepped up and rocked the mic to win a bike.  In order to increase their chances, participants earned Dope Points by encouraging friends to vote for their track. They shared raps on Facebook and Twitter, emailed their homeboys, hit up music bloggers—in other words, acted as their own publicists. BusaBeats generated tons of earned media and grew beyond the digital sphere into a yearly, multi-channel program that spanned events, live concerts, street art and more. BusaBeats was a megahit with the target, making and breaking records for the high performance Hayabusa bike—three years in a row.

An urban beat gave these wheels serious traction.

BusaBeats totally transformed Hayabusa’s positioning and Suzuki’s marketing approach. Millions were exposed to the brand, inventory sold out in key markets and one lucky rapper garnered a major record deal. Score!